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Give Your Trade Show Guests Something to Remember

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When vendors attend a tradeshow they often feel an obligation to have giveaways. While giveaways were once a great attention-getting hook, we at Watson Productions are finding that attendees are becoming less responsive to these free trinkets. We have even heard of show-goers...

Keeping Up With The Times: Getting Management To Recognize The Value Of Change

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By the time most people achieve management level, they have often become quite conservative when it comes to change. Managers can sometimes feel they have little left to learn; and because they have more to lose, they’re often extremely resistant to trying something that hasn’t...
Increasing exhibit lifespan

The Secret to Increasing the Lifespan of Your Exhibit

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You’ve invested a pretty penny in your trade show exhibit to then find out it was damaged in transit. Sound familiar? If you’re like many companies, your trade show exhibit travels around the country and is packed and unpacked close to 100 times per year. That’s one too many...