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Devotion to Details: How to Stand Apart

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If you are involved in tradeshows—whether it be as an exhibitor, attendee, or like us as a designer and fabricator of booths and displays—you have almost certainly heard a horror story about projects going awry. Recently, many exhibitors have been coming to us for help with...

How To Grab, and Keep, An Attendees Attention

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                  Watson Productions knows that it can be difficult to grab attention from attendees in the sea of booths that is a trade show. Effective booth design necessitates not only grabbing attention, it has to be able to keep...

Give Your Trade Show Guests Something to Remember

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When vendors attend a tradeshow they often feel an obligation to have giveaways. While giveaways were once a great attention-getting hook, we at Watson Productions are finding that attendees are becoming less responsive to these free trinkets. We have even heard of show-goers...

The Increasing Cost of Shipping

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As some of you may already know, the price of shipping has risen significantly over the past few years. There are many factors that determine the cost of shipping and they all seem to be contributing to the recent surge. The trade show freight market is currently at an all-time...

The Importance Of Picking The Right Partner

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At Watson Productions our business is making your business look great. A trade show display is often a potential customer’s first impression of your company. If you have worked with us before you know the importance we place on delivering everything you want and need. Your trust...

Avoiding Common Trade Show Mistakes – 10 Great Tips!

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      1. Go big or go home. You might think that giving away just anything with your company’s name on it is enough of a freebie. However, if the only marketing collateral you can afford is something that will break the second time your client uses it, save the...

Do You Know These Key Trade Show Rules?

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Exhibitions have been around since business has existed. The opportunity for creators, suppliers, and innovators to have face-to-face contact with potential customers has always been seen as a great investment of both time and money. Since trade shows have existed the unwritten...

Keeping Up With The Times: Getting Management To Recognize The Value Of Change

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By the time most people achieve management level, they have often become quite conservative when it comes to change. Managers can sometimes feel they have little left to learn; and because they have more to lose, they’re often extremely resistant to trying something that hasn’t...

How to make your booth a more engaging experience

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  Investing in trade show marketing is a big decision. It can be costly, time consuming, and can make or break your company’s reputation. While increasing sales and web traffic are certainly going to be at the top of your trade show accomplishments wish list, one thing that...

Can we have your attention?

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Fighting distractions in a trade show environment.  How long does it take a customer to really notice your trade show booth? If it’s longer than 7 seconds, studies show it’s too long. You have less than ten seconds to capture someone’s attention, so let’s break down a few ways...